Embrace Efficient Living—Making the Most of a Smaller Space

December 1, 2021

From tiny houses to “van-life,” there has been a popular move towards living in smaller spaces over the past few years. The Edmund happens to feature some of the most livable and attractive studio apartments in Northern Virginia. These units are perfectly fit for individuals or couples and we wanted to provide some tips for living comfortably, efficiently, and fashionably in less space.

Declutter Your Space

Here lie the first steps for successful living in smaller spaces. The first is to let go of some belongings. A great process for this involves physically evaluating everything you own (or at least everything you plan to move with.) Start with disposing of or donating broken items, old clothes, and duplicates. Next, decide if an item is absolutely essential for everyday life. With your remaining possessions, determine if they have more than one use in your life. For example, a large coffee machine takes up a ton of space and only has one use. You can substitute a multipurpose kettle an a small French Press and bask in the extra counter space while enjoying fantastic coffee.

Using Storage shelves and containers in your Edmund apartment can help clear away the clutter.

Organize Storage Spaces

This step is related to decluttering but deserves its unique mention. Small space storage must be clever and creative—that means getting the most out of every nook and cranny! As smaller living has become more and more popular recently, the storage options have become evermore available. Invest in storage containers like bins and baskets to organize your valuable square footage. Not only will this better utilize the space, but it will make finding what you need easier. Organizing your space well results in less stress and people tend to prefer smaller, better organized spaces in the long run.

Maximize Vertical Space

A great way to expand your small space and make a room feel much larger is to take advantage of vertical space. Vertical storage is also a great option along with hanging plants, décor, artwork, and shelves (more storage?!) up high to take advantage of your entire space. You can also maximize the vertical space of a room by choosing furniture that is lower to the ground.

Install a Hideaway Desk

Furniture is always tricky in a smaller space. In a world where the majority of people are doing at least some part of their job at home, a hideaway desk can be beneficial and decorative. Murphy beds and other furniture that can be tucked away also offer an easy solution for more living space with less square footage.

A hideaway desk can be useful to provide a comfortable working space that saves on square footage.

Make the Most of Corners

A surprisingly effective method of maximizing space and creating more storage options is to maximize the corners of every room. Rather than placing tables, desks, and other furniture in the center of the room, try utilizing corners to help make your space feel more open. Corner shelving is an especially clever storage hack for small apartment living!

Check out the available units at The Edmund. If you are ready to jump on the efficient living trend, follow these tips and enjoy a beautiful space in Reston, VA.

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