How to Prepare for Bringing Home a New Pet

September 30, 2021

We love our four-legged friends at the Edmund. With that said, bringing home a new pet is a big transition for any family and requires planning! As your excitement builds anticipating your new family member’s arrival, you want to assure a safe and easy entrance into your home and life. Preparation is the key to success and we’re here to provide some helpful tips before bringing your new pet home.

Pet Proof Your Home. Imagine that a toddler is coming to live with you! Young animals, much like children, learn about the world through their mouths. You may have to reorganize your home so certain items are out of the animal’s reach. Assess your home for any potentially dangerous or poisonous items. Think about electric cords, medications and food items such as chocolate or grapes. An often-overlooked hazard is houseplants. Not only are animals attracted to plants and may knock them over, but several types of houseplants are also poisonous to cats, dogs, and other animals.


Purchase Necessary Equipment. You will probably need to purchase new equipment to house, feed, groom, and amuse your new pet. Try and find out what kind of food the animal has been eating as to prevent upset stomachs during the transition process. Depending on the animal, you may need a cage, a crate, a tank, bedding, bowls for food and water, a leash and collar, litter box, grooming equipment, and toys. Keep in mind that The Edmund features a welcoming Pet Spa.

Decide Where the Animal Will Live. Place cages, crates, and beds on easy-to-clean surfaces in a draft-free quiet part of the home. To keep pets out of unsafe or forbidden portions of your home, use baby gates to block hallways or doors.

Make a Schedule. With your everyday routine in mind, devise a schedule for walks, feeding, napping, and bedtime. Animals thrive and feel more secure when they have a daily routine to follow. Puppies will need to be taken out frequently and should be taken out the same doors to the same place to establish “potty” spots and times.


Find a Vet. Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian within 2-3 days of your pet’s arrival. The animal may need inoculations, should become acquainted with a vet, and allow the diagnosis od any undetected health issues.

The Edmund Can’t Wait to Host Your Pet! Be ready for a life changing experience as you welcome a pet into your home and heart. Visit The Edmund online to see for yourself or contact us at the office to learn more!

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