6 Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Cool This Summer

June 28, 2021

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July and August are, arguably, the hottest months of the year. When you’re so sick of the heat, and you’re ready to strip out of your own skin, you hope to find relief when you come home. But you won’t find that relief if your apartment is as hot, or even hotter, than the outdoors. Beat the heat and chill out at home, with these tips to keep your home at The Edmund cool this summer.

Block Out the Sun

That’s right; keep those blinds closed. Letting in the light can also let in the heat and add five degrees to your comfortable home. Also, creating artificial shade within the apartment can cool down a room that you’re not spending time in. Turning out the lights in rooms that are unoccupied keeps the place cooler. The darker a space, the cooler the room will be. It’s the same effect that shade provided by trees creates in a forest or park.

Try Blackout Curtains

It’s the same principle as blocking out the sun, but a much simpler process. Instead of trying to remember to close all blinds, curtains, and windows, simply hang blackout curtains to keep the room cool. They darken the room as well, so they may also improve your sleep during the summer when the sun rises earlier and sets later.

Control The Air Flow

Controlling the flow of air throughout the whole apartment as you move through the space will help you keep cool, especially if you do a lot of housekeeping or working around the home. Only keep fans or AC on in the rooms you’re using and close the doors to the rooms you’re not. That way, the air flows where you need it to. For example, if you tend to oscillate between the living room and your bedroom, ensure that your fans or AC are in just those two rooms and the air flow stays within the hallway connecting the two rooms.

Eat Cooler

We don’t mean eat what all the cool kids are eating these days. We mean, eat foods that can come straight from the refrigerator and don’t require using heat-making appliances such as the oven, stove, or microwave. If you’d like to cook something that requires heating, have a barbeque! Keep the cool air in the apartment by cooking with heat outdoors. And if you want to wine and dine inside, use the excuse to enjoy ice cream or relax with a cooling glass of Sangria.

Drinks Lots of Cold Water

In the heat, drinking water is best for you to battle dehydration. But it can also cool you from the inside out during the summer months. Add ice to your glass and drink regularly throughout the day. Ice water can lower your temperature quickly to help you beat the heat, and can be stored in a pitcher to avoid the need for bottled water. Sipping from a pitcher of lemonade on ice will also cool you down, if you’re in the need for something sweet. We get it!

Open Your Windows

It’s an affordable classic. At night, when the weather has cooled down, open your windows to let in the cool air while you’re winding down or while you’re sleeping. The cool air and your decreased activity around the home will cool you down. Do you live with someone who prefers ceiling fans or box fans over an opened window? Redesign your room by moving the furniture so that air flow from the window is more optimal and your side of the bed is facing the window.

Due to climate change, we’re seeing hotter summers anywhere we live. But here at The Edmund, we want to help you stay cool and feel most comfortable right here at home! For more tips for your home or to stay up to date on the latest news at The Edmund, keep following our blog and be the first to receive notifications as new content is posted.

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